Two Car Garage With Loft

Build with vacant loft or as apartment (alternate plan included). Uses attic-type manufactured trusses to reduce cost and simplify

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[Reblogged] How to Estimate Garage Building Costs

To Make A Quick, Rough, Generic Garage Cost Estimate: 

A very basic way to estimate the cost of building a detached garage is simply to multiply an average per square foot construction cost of $30 to $40  by the square foot area (footprint area) of the one story garage you plan to build. That will be an average base cost to have a contractor/builder build an average basic garage on your average, flat building building site. If you live in an area with high cost of living you can apply greater cost up to about $55 per square foot. So, on average, a 24 foot square one story basic garage will cost in the range of $17,000 to $23,000. Cost will be less if you perform work yourself or use below average quality materials or live in an area with low cost of living. Cost will be more if you build with higher than average quality building materials or live in an area with high cost of living.  This method is useful when projecting development costs for building or improving residential properties with gross cost factors.

Footprint Area: ___________sq. ft.   X   $_________/ sq. ft. = $_________________

To Make A More Project Specific Garage Rough Cost Estimate:

If you can obtain a basic materials list and know the overall dimensions of the garage you would like to build you can quickly determine the rough or range of cost (“ballpark” as they say) cost to build. A few phone calls can get you enough information to know what level of cost you can anticipate. After you have established a rough project cost you can acquire the garage plans and permitting information and ask for more detailed estimates or bids from project participants. If you plan to have the garage built by a general contractor, they will normally do all of the administrative work to prepare a formal bid or contract proposal. But for now this will get you in the “ballpark” of cost to build your new garage.

Foundation/Slab Cost:  $ ____________________________________________

The most reliable method for rough cost estimating of concrete foundation and slab work is to contact a local concrete contractor – one who specializes in this work.  They will be listed in the phone book yellow pages under “concrete”. General contractors use them for building their project concrete work If you can describe to them the footprint size of the garage and any unusual features, as well as the conditions at the building site, the concrete contractor can give you a “ballpark” or range of cost for the work – and that is without doing a detailed estimate
Materials Costs:  $ _________________________________

To get free materials list for any Behm Design garage plan contact Jay. The materials list provided by Behm Design is basic list, including most materials. Not included are some flashings, fasteners,  finishing materials like paint, stain, sealants, and electrical/mechanical. Roofing and applied siding are simply called out as sq. ft. of  surface area covered. If you take the list to a local supplier they can give you a preliminary materials package price which will include some allowances and assumptions subject to further refinement later on. This will be a rough, materials package cost.
Building Costs:  $ ______________________________________
Generally, for conventional light frame construction, the labor cost will average between 1.5x and 2x the estimated materials costs. This number is more difficult to get as a rough quote because of many variables…so, just use this factor for now
=   Total Rough Cost $ __________________________________________

Additional Rough Costs To Explore:

You can contact your local building dept. or inspector to check required fees for permits, etc. If there are additional aspects to the garage you wish to build you can contact local businesses or installers to discuss specific item costs. They should be able to give rough cost estimates if you can describe your requirements. They may wish to visit the building site first.

Driveway $____________________________
Sidewalks $__________________________
Electrical $____________________________
Plumbing/Drainage $_____________________________
HVAC $______________________________
Permits, Fees $___________________________
Project Management Fees: $_______________________
Unusual Site Grading/Preparation: $_____________________

Flat Roof Designs Ideal For Small Structures like Garages

How flat roof garages can be a better choice?

Sometimes the flat style roof is best for smaller structures; like garages and porches, The flat roof consists of a horizontal base surface that is mounted to the rafters/joists beneath with a water-proof membrane applied on top - either built-up bituminous materials or an elastomeric  membrane.

Flat roof garages are usually considered to be a cost-effective choice in terms of construction, involving  less material and labor than a sloping roof. Flat roof costs for repair and replacement are less than sloped roofs. Ultimately this form of garage roof  are more accessible than others and can be converted into a terrace or garden, if done properly. Browse some useful tips to maintain flat roof garages long lasting.

Flat roof garage plans also, when compared to sloped roofs, obscure less light and view to the nearby home windows if building in dense settings.

To enable rainwater to drain from the roof, a flat roof is actually slightly sloped for controlled drainage runoff. This is typically a building code requirement.

Building a flat roof garage that will not leak is no different than one which is sloped: build to code and use correct, quality products and labor.

Some Flat area Garage Plans and Blueprints by Behm style


Flat roof garage plans by Behm style have slight drainage slope and ventilation as required by current building codes. These garage plans are nice for mixing with homes of this vogue are often hard to find.

Large 1 Car Garage w/ Flat Roof

Compact, 2-Car Garage w/ Flat Roof

Flat Roof 2 Car Garage

We recommend to choose quality garage plans because of moderate cost, conventional light frame construction and permit approval requirements.

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Attic Roof Garage Plans

by Jay Behm 

What is an attic?
An attic is a space for light storage within the roof form and structure, accessed by hatch opening or pull-down, folding  access ladder/stair. By contemporary building codes they do not have a permanent stairway for access.

Attic Garage Plans by Behm Design are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Where storage space is in demand the most economical way to build it is within a roof. For smaller spans, less than 18', it is often best to use ceiling joists with rafters and ridge board. For longer spans of larger garage plans the most practical is attic trusses. The rectangular shape created within the truss profile is established when you order the trusses from the supplier. With trusses repeating every 24" you end up with a long void space within the roof. Attic trusses cost more than standard trusses but can give you much usable attic space for minimal cost overall. The garage plans you browse illustrate which roof structure type is used, shown in the cross section view on catalog page (aka: product page) 
 one car garage with attic compact two car garage with attic

 two car work shop garage with attic

Customers have built these garage plans many times over and have reported using to great success for their needs, such as storage, compact getaways or work, study and hobbies. Even though many have compact dimensions they still have walk-around height which makes them quite usable. Behm Design garage plans are typically illustrated showing a cross section in relative scale so you can see what the attic space will be like. 

Hipped Roof Garage Plans

by Jay Behm 

What is a hipped roof? Hipped roofs, also called hip roof or hiproof  have the eave or soffit overhang all the way around the building with roof planes sloping up to a ridge or point. The intersecting roof planes at corners are called "hips". Roof structures are either of rafter framing or manufactured trusses, used for smaller and larger structures, respectively. Hipped roof garages can have simple or very complex forms. They are also, typically, a more expensive than a straight gable form roof due to the variety of assembly parts and labor involved.

 one car, hipped roof garage plan two car, hipped roof garage plan

Basic Garage Plans

by Jay Behm

Basic garage plans  are those which serve as garage only space, suited to vehicle storage - with no other features such as attic, loft, shop, etc.   All of these garage plans are for building light wood frame, conventional construction, using either rafters or trusses for roof construction. For the truss-roof designs you can indicate an alternate to the drawn roof slope and order the trusses accordingly. The overall building height would need to be  re-calculated. Additionally, many of these plan have a variable depth dimension indication and note on the Floor Plan so you can write in an alternate depth dimension better suited to your project. It's not like a custom sized garage plan but does present more flexibility.

Apartment Garage Plans

by Jay Behm 
If you are planning to build a garage with apartment there are many styles and sizes to choose from, including single story, loft and full two story designs. There are even a few plans which have the footprint of a one car garage but include a  full second story, compact dwelling unit above. 

Two Story Garage Plans

by Jay Behm

Two story garage plans by Behm Design are available in many styles and sizes and feature a building code-compliant stairway access for the second story. These garages' second stories are used for many purposes such as dwelling space, home business,office, studio (for art, music, etc.), recreational space, workout or exercise room, work shop, hobby space, entertainment center, gaming room or guest facilities.

Building A Garage In Florida

By Jay Behm

Building a garage in Florida is different than other US locations because of the extreme coastal hurricane wind exposure and it usually will  require special engineering. Where calculations are required, it is necessary for the Professional Engineer (P.E) consultant to review, mark-up, stamp and sign (certify) the garage plans and calculations submitted for the building permit application. The plan revisions required usually involve adding or upgrading hold-down anchors and strapping hardware and revising door and window frame details for extreme wind pressures.

Building A Garage In New Jersey

By Jay Behm

Building garages in New Jersey may be different than other US locations because many building departments require plan certification by NJ engineer or architect. Where calculations are required, it is necessary for the Professional Engineer (P.E) consultant to review, mark-up, stamp and sign (certify) the garage plans and calculations submitted for the building permit application. In some cases it is just a matter of their review and stamp to certify. Fees often are a few hundred dollars. Alternatively,

Building A Garage In New York

By Jay Behm

Building garages in New York may be different than other US locations because of the extreme snow loads and some areas with hurricane wind exposure (such as Long Island) and require special engineering. Where calculations are required, it is necessary for the Professional Engineer (P.E) consultant to review, mark-up, stamp and sign (certify) the garage plans and calculations submitted for the building permit application.

Building A Garage In Washington State

By Jay Behm
Building garages in Washington state may be different than other US locations because of the high wind exposures and earthquake (seismic) risk factors - mostly in the coastal, mountain and Puget Sound region. The new IRC (International Residential Code)  & IBC (International Building Code)  are adopted by Washington as base codes and require special engineering for garage plans built in certain areas with high wind speed, exposure and/or severe see map of earthquake risk categories.

Building A Garage In California

Building garages in California  may be different than other US locations because of the high wind exposures and earthquake (seismic) risk factors. The new building codes require special engineering for garage plans built in certain areas with high wind speed,exposure and severe earthquake risk categories. There are also many areas that allow the "prescriptive measures" (non-engineered) compliance with the code. Where calculations are required, it is necessary for the Professional Engineer (P.E) consultant to review, mark-up, stamp and sign the garage plans and calculations submitted for the building permit application.                

Cost To Build A Garage - Preliminary Estimating

by Jay Behm

Garage building cost can be anticipated before getting into negotiations with builders. A very basic way to estimate the cost of building a detached garage is to simply apply a typical average per square foot construction of  $30 to $40. That is for an average cost basis for having a contractor / builder build a basic one story garage for you on your property. If you are in an area with higher-than-average cost of living you can use $50 to $55. If there are complications or you prefer top quality materials and components the price can go up. So, generally speaking, a 24 ft.sq., two car, basic garage will cost in the range of $17,000 to $31,000 and, since it is a wide range,  you can lean towards high or low depending on where you are building.

SUV (Sport Utility Vehicles) Garage Plans

SUV garage plans feature higher than standard ceilings and larger garage doors to accommodate the larger SUV trucks, also called Sport Utility Vehicles. Behm Design offers a great selection of these SUV garage plans in a variety of styles and sizes....
 SUV Garage Plan 1080-1 by Behm Design

Economy Garage Plans

A few years ago I received inquiries about modifying some of the plans to make as low cost as possible and still meet building code requirements. Economy Garage Plans by Behm Design are designed and detailed to reduce construction costs. Using standard materials and simplified detailing reduces labor costs for construction.....
 Economy Garage Plan E816-1 by Behm Design

Gambrel Roof Garage Plans

Gambrel roof garage plans by Behm Design are available in a variety of sizes and structure types. Originally built as agricultural barn structures, the Gambrel roof shape evolved out of necessity to store the most hay possible in the loft space above the barn. By adding the two lower ridges the roof profile is bumped outward and makes more interior roof volume.....

Utility Garage Plans

Utility garage plans by Behm Design are plain, larger garages - great for shops and storage. Utilitarian designs with big doors and interior space are the types of  garage plans built for storage and functional uses where aesthetics are not of great concern, as in rural or industrial applications....
 spacious two bay utility garage

Trusses Versus Rafters

Roof trusses are the most popular, industry standard method for building roofs. Roof trusses are commonly used when the span or width of a garage exceeds 20 ft. (for lesser widths rafters are more economical)
A roof truss is a load carrying, spanning member made of  a network of wood components (usually 2x material), connected together with metal plates, shear connectors, etc.......

Shop Garage Plans

Garage plans with shop space can be used for many purposes and can add value to your property. Behm Design offers a large selection in many styles and shapes. These are shop garage plans with space designated for shop area separate from the garage area and can be closed off by separating wall from shop area.....
 Heavy duty two car garage with shop

RV , Motor Home Garage Plans

The RV Class A motor home garage plans by Behm Design feature 12' w x 14' h garage door and inside clear length of 46.5' and are built with conventional light wood frame construction. Included is optional rear garage door for drive-through......
 Garage Plan 1152-RV1

PDF Download Garage Plans

PDF download garage plans by Behm Design are electronic files which contain the complete set of drawings for the garage plans. The files can be printed out to original drawing size and replicate the original planset document. PDF files are very commonly used for high quality document transport,storage and convenient printing of your garage plans. This format can save you lots of time......

Monitor Style Garage Plans

Monitor garage plans have a building form which goes way back in history, an arrangement of space originally developed for religious gatherings with the scale of interior spaces expressing the symbolism in religious practices..... The tall center portion is flanked with lower, roofed sections, leaving upper walls usable for  upper windows, like in clerestory designs......
 Half Monitor Style Garage Plan

Garage With Loft Plans

Garage Plans with loft space feature floor upper level floor area less than the ground floor area and has permanent stairway access. You can build an apartment or guest living quarters, or home business space. Create a recreation loft for activities and workouts....or a getaway studio, man cave, lady cave. Garage Plans with lofts add value to your property. Because of diverse uses of loft space it can have various property zoning implications.....

Heavy Duty Garage Plans

Customers have often asked about "heavying up" the basic garage plans we have offered... so this new HD Series is now available.  Bigger - Stronger - Better.

Heavy Duty garage plans by Behm Design are designed for greater capacity than standard - you can drive in bigger, heaver vehicles and equipment. Build it for heavy storage and equipment on walls. Insulate it well for extreme climate......

Garage With Dormers Plans

Garage plans can have dormers which bring light, space and view to the upper story and add interest to the roof form. Behm Design offers an excellent  selection of garages with dormers, including gable dormers and shed roof dormers. Dormers are usually used on traditional, colonial and craftsman style garage plans....

Cupolas And Weather Vanes

A cupola (pronounced "kyoo'-puh-luh")  is a relatively small structure built on the ridge or peak of roof. These were originally used to ventilate the building, allowing hot air to escape. It would have its own little roof to shed water .......

Craftsman Style Garage Plans

The Craftsman Style evolved in California from the Arts & Crafts movement and by early 20th Century became a style trend in home construction with lots of crafted woodwork inside and out. The building characteristic form was low and squatty with low sloped, generously overhanging, bracket-supported roof, porches were suited to the California climate........

Colonial Style Garage Plans

The 18th Century Colonial era housing was based on locally available  raw materials, early manufacturing and carpentry. High quality materials and small primitive glass panes were imported from Europe (which is why the earliest windows had muntons separating the small panes - it was the only way to have a larger window with openable sash - needed for both natural light and healthful ventilation air.) The Colonial structures were usually.....

Carriage House Garage Plans

Carriage houses were originally structures to shelter the horse-drawn carriages and often animals as well. Large, swing-out doors were used for securing the contents. Living quarters were added in attic spaces for drivers and associated workers. Dormers were used to bring light and air into the steep roof attic spaces. There would often be a door in front.......